Instructions for Registering for the Course


There are three main steps to registering for the course. Please follow these in sequence:

  1. Enroll in the Course: You can enroll in the course officially by going to the Registration page.
  2. Take the Pre-Survey: The registration page has a link to a Pre-Survey that you must complete to earn the course certificates.
  3. Join Piazza: After completing the Pre-Survey, you will be given directions on how to connect to Piazza, which is the forum for interacting with the community of learners participating in the course. 

Welcome to the 2015 CSP4HS course!


Thank you for your interest in CSP4HS - we hope that you will consider registering for the course

The course will start during the week of June 1, 2015.

Those who register will be sent an email about how to begin the course and participate in the Piazza community.

Check back here for occasional announcement updates, but most announcements will be made on Piazza.

If you would like to get a head-start after registering, please
read over the first chapter of the book "Blown to Bits."