2015 CS Principles for High School (CSP4HS)

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CSP4HS provides six-weeks of free online instruction to educators who are interested in learning more about CS Principles (CS Principles), which is a new Advanced Placement course being developed by the College Board. The course will begin during the week of June 1,  2015 (there will be two weeks off between June 19th –July 5th). The course materials will be kept online for those who are not able to start until later in the summer.
The CSP4HS target audience is high school teachers interested in learning more about CS Principles. Specifically, the course assumes that participants are secondary teachers who have little to no previous training in Computer Science. However, current K-12 Computer Science teachers and college faculty may also find parts of the course to be helpful toward understanding the topics covered in the CS Principles curriculum framework, as well as pedagogical suggestions for teaching the course for the first time. Students are also welcome to participate, but the theme of the course is focused on professional development for new teachers. A certificate will be provided to those who complete the course.
The course parallels the CS Principles professional development instruction of the CS4Alabama project (CNS-1240944), which is an NSF-sponsored project in collaboration between the University of Alabama and A+ College Ready, with external project assessment conducted by Haynie Research and Evaluation. The CSP4HS curriculum has been adopted from a CS Principles Pilot course that has been taught at the University of Alabama since 2011 and is being piloted by 50 teachers across Alabama.
This is the second version of the course, which was first offered in Summer 2014 (over 1,200 registered educators). This new course will have additional content and address changes that have occurred in the CS Principles course since last summer.

Please watch the Welcome video for additional information. Throughout the duration of the course, new information will be posted to the FAQ and Announcements sections of the course, but the majority of the course discussion will occur on the 2015 CSP4HS Piazza forum.

CSP4HS is made possible by a Google CS4HS award, with foundational support by NSF CE21.

Jeff Gray, Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Alabama


  • Unit 1 - Introduction - Paving the Way

  • Unit 2 - The Power of Bits and Bytes

  • Unit 3 - Programming is a Snap!

  • Create Performance Task Assignment

  • Midterm Exam

  • Unit 4 - Abstraction and Algorithms

  • Unit 5 - The Internet Makes the World All Flat

  • Unit 6 - The Big Deal about Data

  • Programmer Certificate Post-Survey