CS Principles for High School Team


Jeff Gray

Dr. Jeff Gray is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Alabama (UA). He received a PhD from Vanderbilt University, and a BS/MS from West Virginia University, all in Computer Science. A recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award, Jeff also was named the 2008 Alabama Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation. Jeff has been a CS Principles Pilot instructor since 2011 and is the Principal Investigator of the CS4Alabama project, which is funded by the NSF. His K-12 outreach includes organizing summer camps and robotics contests, while also mentoring high school students on science fair projects (four INTEL ISEF finalists). At UA, he mentors undergraduate and PhD students on topics related to Software Engineering. Jeff also serves on the Education Advisory Council of Code.org and is also a Code.org K5 Affiliate. He is an Association for Computing Machinery Distinguished Educator.

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CSP4HS Instructional Support Staff

Deepa Muralidhar

Deepa Muralidhar teaches computer science at North Gwinnett HS in Atlanta, Georgia. Deepa is passionate about Computer Science education at the K-12 level. Deepa is one of the official pilots for CS Principles this year and serves on the AP CS Principles Development Committee as well as performs the role of APCS Principles College board Advisor. Deepa consults with College Board and A+ College Ready to give  teacher workshops in AP Computer Science (programming in Java) and in CS Principles. Deepa is the external K-12 mentor teacher for the CS4Alabama project. Visit www.iteachcs.com to find out more about Deepa’s work and her involvement with CS Education.

Jill Westerlund

Jill Westerlund teaches Cooperative Education, AP Computer Science and Computer Science Principles at Hoover High School in Hoover, Alabama. Since 1990 Jill has taught business and computer courses at the secondary and post-secondary levels. She is a Microsoft Certified Educator and holds industry credentials in Internet & Computing Core (IC3) and  Microsoft Office Specialist. Jill serves as a mentor/pilot teacher for CS4Alabama's launch of Computer Science Principles course and is a participating College Board National Pilot teacher for CS Principles Phase II. She serves on the CS Principles  AP Course Audit Reference Syllabus Project.  

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker teaches AP CS A and CS Principles (part of the CS4Alabama pilot – year 1) as well as Honors Geometry. He holds a Masters of Math Education from Auburn University and earned his Undergraduate Degree from Athens State University. Jeff has taught for 21 years and currently teaches at Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Alabama. He is also the Computer Science Specialist for A+ College Ready. Jeff is a founding member and current President of CSTA-Alabama.

Roy Black

Roy Black is a retired USAF SMSgt. He has over 30 years of IT experience ranging from mainframe computer operator, programmer, analyst, software engineer, project manager, and teacher. He served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Maryland in Iceland, and currently is an instructure for Troy University in Montgomery, and Faulkner University. Roy has also been teaching high school computer science since 2001 and is currently at Loveless Magnet High School (LAMP) in Montgomery, Alabama. At LAMP, Roy teaches Computer Applications, Survey of Programming Languages, AP Computer Science, and Computer Science Principles. Roy is the sponsor of the LAMP Computer Club that competes in programming, web design, robotics, and Alice competitions.

Gina McCarley

Gina McCarley teaches Computer Science and Business courses at Lawrence County High School in Moulton, Alabama.  She teaches both traditional and online courses.  Gina serves as a mentor/pilot teacher for CS4Alabama's launch of Computer Science Principles course and is a participating College Board National Pilot teacher for CS Principles.  Gina enjoys using multimedia tools to engage student interest and participation.  Some of her most successful projects involve her students using multimedia tools to express themselves creatively and to document their exploration in problem base inquiry.


Graduate Assistant Instructors

Jonathan Corley

Jonathan Corley is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Alabama. Jonathan is supported by a fellowship from the Department of Education (GAANN) and is working in the areas of software engineering and human-computer interfaces. Jonathan has taught several undergraduate courses at UA and has been involved with many K-12 outreach events, including an assistant instructor for several years with the Alabama CS camps. He has also been a student leader in the Alabama robotics contest. Over the past three years, Jonathan has been a teaching assistant for the CS 104 CS Principles course at the University of Alabama.

Brian Eddy

Brian Eddy is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Alabama. He will be an Assistant Professor at the University of West Florida in Fall 2015. His research interests include program comprehension, software and maintenance, and computer science education. His main areas of research include improving the state of the art in maintenance and debugging tools for large scale software systems. Brian has a passion for teaching. He was worked with a wide range of students in the areas of Computer Science and Mathematics. In computer science, he has worked as an instructor teaching programming and computer science principles at the University of Alabama. He has also worked with outreach programs that teach K-12 students the fundamentals of problem solving, basic programming with languages such as Scratch, Snap, and App Inventor.

Jake Trower

Jake Trower is a graduate student in computer science at the University of Alabama. A hobbyist game developer whose interests include: birds, bugs, cats, pizza, pixel art, animation, personality tests, text, and ghosts. Jake is the developer of the Spherly and Pixly tools. More info about Jake is available at: http://cakeandturtles.nfshost.com/

Undergaduate Assistants

Rachael Giles

Rachael Giles is a junior at the University of Alabama with a concentration in Media Production and minors in French and Creative Writing. Rachael specializes in screenwriting and post production. After graduation, she hopes to publish a novel and become a television editor. When not working on films, her interests include knitting, travelling, soapmaking, and space. Rachel is the videographer and editor for the course.

Lydia Eubanks

Lydia Eubanks is a junior from Ardmore, Alabama. She is majoring in mathematics at the University of Alabama with a minor in mathematics education. Lydia plans to pursue a master’s degree in secondary education upon completing her undergraduate work next spring. She aspires to begin a career as a high school mathematics teacher and coach while also working to bring more focus to the importance of Computer Science Principles in secondary education. Lydia was one of the top two students in the CS 104 course at the University of Alabama (a CS Principles Pilot course for the College Board).

Lauri Springer

Lauri Springer is from Buford, Georgia and just completed her Junior year at the University of Alabama. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a minor in mathematics education. Upon completing her undergraduate degree in the Spring of 2016, she will then pursue a Master’s degree in Education. After graduating with a Master’s degree in the Spring of 2017, she plans to teach mathematics at the high school level. She hopes to introduce the Computer Science Principles course as well as a robotics program to her future schools. Lauri was one of the top two students in the CS 104 course at the University of Alabama (a CS Principles Pilot course for the College Board).


Other Google CS4HS Collaborators

Several other Google CS4HS events will use parts of the CSP4HS MOOC for content, and then offer a face-to-face event in their community: